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Welcome to our practice

Established in 2013 in Khalifa City A Abu Dhabi, Smilerite Dental Care is proud to help thousands of patients across the Capital and the surrounding areas of the UAE with their dental health. We strive to make your experience a comfortable and positive one that will leave your smile shining brightly for many years to come.

Smilerite offers a full range of dental services, from Orthodontics for both children and adults, pediatric dental care to root canal treatments, dental implants, crowns, bridges, all types of filling, teeth whitening and Invisalign, to mention a few. We also provide Nitrous oxide for those who desire it.

Our Philosophy

Our priority is you and your smile. Treating each patient like our own family. We combine a group of experienced dental professionals with state-of-the-equipment to make your visit feel like you have a winning team on your side. Smilerite Dental Care is ‘home’ to our patients and we welcome you.

Our team  is trained to the highest standards and as a clinic, we are committed to ongoing education and professional development. Dental lectures, as well as Dental Conventions, keep us informed of the latest equipment, techniques, and the products so we can provide the dental care.

Our Standards are based on the practices available in dentistry today. From your first visit through every stage of your dental care, our goal is to see you enjoy optimal oral health.

Safety  is uncompromising. We maintain strict disinfection and sterilization processes to protect our family of patients. We use standards that recommended by Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHAd).

Trust in a Positive experience. Conscious of the importance of trust today, we know how difficult it can be for some of our patients to get started on a healthful oral routine. Smilerite strive to create a relaxed and pleasant ambiance for our patients so you feel at ‘home’. We are dedicated to provide a personalized care experience that builds your trust in our abilities. We look forward serving you.

Advance Technology

At Smilerite Dental Care, we practice our craft with the most advanced dental equipment
  • CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing)
  • Sirona XG 3D X-ray
  • 3D Implant Planning Software and Surgical Guides
  • Digital Intraoral Camera for High Quality Dentistry
  • Rotary Instruments for Root Canal Treatment

Advance Technology

CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing)

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) uses geometrical design data to control automated machinery.

Sirona XG 3D X-ray

3D Implant Planning Software and Surgical Guides

Digital Intraoral Camera for High Quality Dentistry

Rotary Instruments for Root Canal Treatment

Rotary endodontics involves an electrically-powered instrument which performs the root canal treatment and replaces the traditional stainless-steel manual files.

Labomed Dental Microscope

Painless Microscopic Root Canal Treatment to save your natural tooth.


he Wand Anesthesia System uses patented technology to control the flow rate and pressure of the anesthesia during the injection. As a result, patients receive successful, virtually painless single tooth anesthesia (STA) with no collateral numbness.



Insignia is a fully customized 3D orthodontic system that creates a precise treatment plan for every patient. 




Our focus is to bring a holistic approach to each of our patients. Our greatest satisfaction comes from providing beautiful, healthy smiles!

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We are happy to answer any oral health related questions.

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