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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment performed to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. The root canal treatment consists of removing the nerve and pulp of the tooth and then filled with a medicated filling.

Before Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal Treatment or endodontic treatments are performed under local anesthesia. There are no restrictions after the procedure like driving, sports or working. Please eat a full meal before the treatment.

Root Canal Retreatment

In rare cases, root canal therapy fails to work as expected. The treated tooth might not heal properly or a patient might experience post-surgical complications that jeopardize the tooth. In such scenarios, re-root canal treatment is carried out to heal the teeth.

Why is root canal retreatment required?

Though the prospect of more endodontic surgery might not be pleasant, root canal retreatment is fairly simple. In general, the whole treatment can be completed in 1-3 visits.
There are a number of reasons why root canal therapy unexpectedly fails, including:
  • Cracked crown leaking filling material.
  • Curved or narrow canals not treated during the original procedure.
  • Delay in the placement of restorative devices following the procedure
  • New decay to the tooth.
  • New fracture in the treated tooth.
  • Saliva entering the restorative structure.
  • Undetected complex canal structures.
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